Got recalcitrance?

How lasting and lovely is the shadow you and your buddies are casting on this world? Look at us–we're certainly throwing some shade!

(If you don't know what recalcitrance means, I wouldn't bother reading any further.)

Seriously, while we're still alive we're working hard to create products and connections we believe in, living with courage and integrity, and staying eternally curious and present. While always urging ourselves to dream big, build a life, and make the love that's worthy of our own admiration. Are you?

Along the way we've realized that true success is simplicity, friendship, self-mastery. We've also found out, sometimes the hard way, that safety is an illusion, paid with freedom lost. That dressing well is a welcome form of courtesy, and having a hoot is almost the whole point.

Look good. Have fun. Safety third.