Old's Cool Deluxe Polo Shirts. Rugbys and UP-i-tees too.

$ 69.00

"Old's Cool is best cool."

– Lora-Ellen, Oak Bluffs, MA

A fantastic gift.

Our original polo is old school to the bone: 8 ounces of 100% cotton that's made to take a beatingwherever you wear it, rain or shine, and to look go-to-hell gorgeous, even after you wash it half to death. No pocket. As J. Peterman says, you have to carry everything you have in your head. We've sewn on the tackle twill letters like we mean business–they aren't coming off for anything, ever. Long or short sleeve.

Unapologetically awesome American authenticity.

Rugbys, and UP-i-tees too.

Made in the USA Rugbys fit and feel fabulous!


Try our "I Hate Fake" UP-i-tee shirts on for size:


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