A Classic Film for Vintage Motorcycle Lovers.

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"This is a great documentary, a priceless artifact."

– David Blasco, RoyalEnfields.com

Looking for an original, old-school gentleman's gift?

Indian Summer – The Original American Motorcycle Movie is our classic documentary film about the glory days of two-wheeling, and an absolute must-have gift for motorcycle men (and women)–everywhere. Even Harley guys and gals will love it.

The American Dream lives on... forever.

This incredible journey features exclusive interviews with some of the all-time great Indian men like 'Iron Man' Ed Kretz, Paul DuPont, and 'Butch' Baer, as well as never-before-seen footage of the Handlebar Derby, hill-climbing, and classic Wall-of-Death defying stunts. 

Here's a taste of the treasures within–Irenee duPont and his wife Barbie taking a ride on his Indian:


Relive the golden days and old's cool charm, elbow grease, and grit of "The Original American Motorcycle."

What's included?

• Indian Motorcycle DVD.

• Running time: 90 minutes.

• Full-size, 4-color DVD case

• Proudly Made in the USA.

Special BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE–while supplies last. Hurry!

*Continental U.S. only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Greg Brew
Glad word is getting around.

I have to say thank you-I had seen your film a while ago and it was great. We are watching it in the studio tomorrow at lunch.
I'm sure my crew will dig it- great interviews!

Ric Brown
It was great.

Hello folks,

Got the video from Dean Blake and thought it was great. I told Fred Marsh the motorcycle dealer about it and he wrote the check instantly. The photo pictures Fred. He is the one on the far left. So you know Fred started his dealership in 1926, retiring in 2001 at the young age of 94.

Editorial Staff, Indian Motorcycle Illustrated
Capturing the History on Film

A sometimes fascinating, sometimes slow trip through the history of Indian Motorcycles. "Indian Summer" is a valuable piece of Indian Motorcycle history, mostly because it contains footage and interviews with some of the legend of the Indian name – legends that may not be around much longer to tell their stories.

All in all, this film should prove to be an important component of Indian's history. The filmmaker has done thorough legwork with this film, and has presented Indian stories through the mouths of those who lived those stories. Such elements should ensure the long-term survival of this documentary.

Mike Cataldo
An inside look at an American icon and the people who ride and love it.

All the background is here. If you are a fan of Indian motorcycles, you might already know this, but you probably don't know the cast of characters who tell their stories in this documentary.

If you don't know much about Indian motorcycles, you'll find this informative and fun.

In either case, it's real and it's human and it's an enjoyable ride...