ONEUPMANSHIP – The Wicked/Smart Money Game

$ 24.99

"Monopoly for the 21st Century" 

The object of the game is simple: players start with $5000, and the first person to get to $100,000 wins. You can do this by purchasing real estate and build buildings, investing in the stock market, acquiring "trophies," and betting big in Vegas. Wheeling and dealing, and double-dealing, huge rewards and huge risks, including billions and bankruptcy, are all part of this real-world, rough-and-tumble money game.

Do you have the heart, street smarts, and guts you need to win?

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What ONEUPMANSHIP comes with:

• 20" x 20" game board that folds to 10" x 10" 

• stock market indicator board, with marker

• ONEUPMANSHIP money: $1 - $10,000

• 6 x "Star" Trophies

• 4 x Real Estate deeds

• 16 x building blocks

• 6 x company stock cards, 1 - 500 shares

• 32 $ Cards

• 12 x Scarlett Letter "B" stickers

• 4 "pawns"

• 2 dice

• Instruction booklet

• black "faux leather" texture box

• handy "Cheat Sheet"

Designed in the good old U.S. of A.

An awesome, welcome gift.

ONEUPMANSHIP is the perfect anytime present for the players in your life – a devilish addition to Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and holidays. But it's also a cheeky ice-breaker for the friends and family members who don't normally like board games – we guarantee they'll love the (figurative) punches and kisses or your money back!

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