How lasting and lovely is the shadow you and your recalcitrant buddies are casting on this world? Look at us–we're certainly throwing some shade!

(If you don't know what recalcitrance means, I wouldn't bother reading any further.)

Seriously, while we're still alive we're working hard to create beautiful products and a close-knit community we believe in, live with courage and integrity, and stay eternally curious and present. While always challenging ourselves to dream big, build a life and make the love that's worthy of our own admiration. 

Along the way we've realized that true success is simplicity, friendship, self-mastery. "The meaning of life is to find your gift," Shakespeare said. "The purpose of life is to share it with the world."

Look good. Have fun. Safety third. 


"Put some mustard on it!"   

My folks bought a house in 1964 from the Cruikshanks, an old couple who left their dog Mustard behind since they were moving to a retirement home and couldn't take him. Because my middle name is John, my porn name is Johnny Mustard, according to the old-school rules:

middle name + first pet = porn name

I always thought it had a nice ring to it, and wanted to use it as a pseudonym if I ever needed one. I don't need a pen name because I haven't written any books. Or a nom de guerre, since I'm a lover not a fighter. So I thought I'd use it as my business monikerit's slightly spicy sunshine and everybody remembers it, with a smile.