A Terrific Gift for Wiseacres and Know-It-Alls

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"'Wit is educated insolence."

– Aristotle

The Official Old School Education IV (TOOCE IV) is dangerous.

TOOCE IV, a brand-new three-handbook set (Handbook, Blue Book, and Guide Book), is our  final attempt at a practical how-to guide to a rebellious but sane, proactively un-lousy life–it's filled with wisdom, old-school basics, heroes, poetry, tricky trivia, and wit.

Tailor made for recalcitrants and kings (and queens), these cheeky handbooks are a terrific gift to celebrate Dads and Grads. A boyfriend's birthday. Your favorite Valentine. Father's special day. Boss moms anytime. 

A steal at $19.99

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p.s. We can gift-wrap this and send a personal note – just let us know.

You'll get a lot more than you bargained for.

Each set contains a HANDBOOK, GUIDE BOOK, and BLUE BOOK, beautifully belly-banded and gift-wrapped.

• 60+ pages each. 

• Handy 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" size so you can carry them anywhere

• Rugged and reliable 80 lb protective and minimalist cover.

• Poetry, quotes, stories, delicious listicles, recalcitrance, DIY, how-tos, fun.

• Way better than an Ivy-League diploma in your pocket.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Here's The Original Old's Cool Education Education I (TOOCE I).

"Thanks for the memories."

– Keith Richards, Rolling Stone

The Official Old's Cool Education I, a three-handbook set (Handbook, Black Book, and Read Book), was our first attempt at writing a practically-perfect primer for life. In addition to learned wisdom that is both timely and timeless, as well as tons of sports, literature, science and geography facts and fun, we'll also introduce to some of our heroes: Beryl Markham, General Grant, the indomitable Apsley Cherry-Garrard, Dr. Jordan Peterson–our Socrates, Shakespeare, Montaigne, and many more. 

The Official Old's Cool Education II (TOOCE II) is a rebellious call to outdoor adventure.

The Official Old's Cool Education II was inspired by the fun we've had just messing about in boats, or hiking over field and stream with gun in hand and birds on the wing in a beautiful blue sky flocked with sunshine. Or the realization that driving slow cars fast is better than driving fast cars slow, especially classics with the top down and the wind in your hair.

And last but not least!

The Official Old School Education III (TOOCE III) is the perfect ladies and gentlemen's gift.

This priceless and timeless three-handbook set (Cookbook, Playbook, and Whirled Book) is our latest (and greatest) attempt at a classic guide to life, filled with practical, old-school basics, some hero worship, and the art and science of living well. 

THE SMART-ALECK SPECIAL–Get all 4 sets (TOOCE I, II, III & IV) for only $49.99!

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