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Read the options below, and then select the menu item above that corresponds to your level of seriousness and fun!

One Up!–The Wicked/Smart Word Game.


We've just recently put together a "Starter Kit" for all you toe-dippers–this provides you with 12 x One Up!s as well as the eye-popping "shelf talker," all for only $120. It's a great way to take your store to a whole new level of cool with only a very small initial investment. 


Order here, or you can contact us directly:  johnnymustard@oldscoolcompany.com or (401) 572-7090 if you prefer to pay by check. 


Our MAP pricing for One Up! is $19.99; wholesale is $10 per game or $120 per case (12 games).

Wise Up!–The Wicked/Smart Party Card Game.


We're now offering our latest and greatest–an all-original wicked/smart party card game–that's been selling like hotcakes. It also features another fantastic shelf talker that bursts with energy and is a real conversation starter–and drives sales, of course–POP, along with a dozen games is only $120. 


Our MAP pricing for Wise Up! is $19.99; wholesale is $10 each or $120 per case (12 games).

The Official Old's Cool Education I, II, & III


The "TOOCE" starter kit comes with 4 sets of each TOOCE I, II, & III  and another dynamite "shelf talker," all for only $120. 

TOOCE I contains 12 units of the three handbook set: Handbook, Black Book, and Read Book and is belly-banded with "WICKED/SMART."

TOOCE II contains 12 units of the Log Book, Field Book, and Road Book, and is belly-banded with "JUST DO IT."

TOOCE III contains 12 units and features the Cook Book, Playbook and Whirled Book and is wrapped with "REAL-WHIRLED."


Our MAP pricing for TOOCE I, II, & III is $19.99; wholesale is $10 each or $120 per case (12 sets).


Shipping is extra on all wholesale orders and will be calculated and invoiced separately.


Questions? We're here 23 1/2 hours/7 days a week–don't hesitate to ring us up or text us on (401) 572-7090.

Or email us at: johnnymustard@oldscoolcompany.com


Hello, Old's Cool crew!

I'm choosing this route to provide you with the requested feedback on our recent purchases rather than the individual product surveys you provided...I wanted to offer you a more holistic response, but mostly I just wanted to demonstrate an understanding of recalcitrant :)

 As a whole, we were very impressed with everything–the quality and wicked ingenuity of the products, how they're packaged, the efficiency and personalization of your customer service, and what all of this together conveys about your ethos as a business. And the narrative you've crafted about Old's Cool is just simply kick-ass good.  

The shelf talker display pieces included with each product came as a complete surprise (evidence that I didn't read your promo material carefully enough) and are beautifully put together...with one exception. The display for the TOOCE Starter Kit looks sadly bedraggled and not well constructed. As I consider the inclusion of these shelf talkers to be an extra kind gesture from you, I am not at all upset that one of them had issues–I just thought you'd like to know that one of them didn't match the quality of the others. 

Thanks for being so cool!

Ciao for now,

Dawn Daniels

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