A Perfect-Whirled Ladies and Gentlemen's Gift

$ 39.99

"I like your writing style."

– Tim Leatherman, Creator, Co-Founder, and Owner, Leatherman Tool Group

The wicked practical anytime gift.

This priceless and timeless three-handbook set (Cookbook, Playbook, Whirled Book) is our latest (and greatest) attempt at a classic guide to the really important things in life, and is filled with practical, old-school basics, some hero worship, and the art and science of living well. Knowledge, wisdom, and wit that are practical and useful in the real-world are the best gifts you could ever give.

Celebrate Dads and Grads. Any brainiac's birthday. Your fabulous Valentine's lover. A special Mother's Day. Treat yourself.

What are you waiting for, Christmas?

Jam-packed with Recipes, How to play the game, Mental musings.

The Cookbook'll inspire you to raid the pantry and Frankenstein some homemade créme de corps together; chicken fry a kangaroo; become the "Egyptian" at a restaurant. The Play Book has step-by-step guides and timeless advice on the best and suavest and surest way to "play the game." Cricket, darts, crew, and plenty of puzzles and trivia. Life is certainly scary sometimes, but wonderful and dangerous adventure's all around, kids, for the taking, as easy as kiss my hand. The Whirled Book features longer-form monographs discussing and dissecting the Plato's Cave-like reality we're living through.

Don't believe us.

Mike Lerario, author of Leadership in Balance, retired army special forces officer and West Point graduate from Fayetteville, North Carolina had some great things to say about the Second Edition of The Official Old's Cool Education. The Third Edition, offered here hot off the press, is just as well-bred, well-read, and well-said as the Second Edition.

Heroes and Heroines, Literature, History, Art and Science.

We'll also introduce you to the great men and women throughout history we look up to: Beryl Markham, General Grant, the indomitable Apsley Cherry-Garrard, Dr. Jordan Peterson–our Socrates, Shakespeare, Montaigne and many more. St. Christopher. Virgil. The Law of Gross Tonnage, Price's Law, Occam's Razor, explained. Which way's north and how do you know? Where's The Sea of Tranquility? How do you get down from an elephant?

What's The Official Old School Education?

Each set contains a COOKBOOK, PLAYBOOK, and WHIRLED BOOK

• 60+ pages each. 

• Handy 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" size so you can carry them anywhere

• Rugged and reliable 80 lb protective and minimalist cover.

• Poetry, quotes, stories, delicious listicles, recalcitrance, heroes, fun.

• Way better than a Harvard diploma in your back pocket.

Smart. Smarter. Smartist. A very clever present for <$20.

Is there a know-it-all in your life who's impossible to live with–husband, father, brother or mother–and shop for? Who knows/hates everything? Or maybe it's you. Then this is just the ticket.

Gift-wrapped: "Brown paper packages tied up with strings"– only $21.98

WICKED SMART WEDNESDAY SPECIAL: Buy two sets and get the third set FREE. One day only–so HURRY!

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