Are you tired of the same old, same old bored games? 

Wise Up! is the smartest party card game ever: 150 devilish trivia questions–What's the difference between a pot and a pan? What’s Cinderella's last name? How wide is a football field? 

"It freakin' sucks!" – Jonathan Ikegana

But wait! There are also 50 devilish challenges–Throw this card on the floor and pick it up without using your hands. Or, Swap shirts with the player to your left. What about: Who can hold their breath the longest?

Wise Up! is the perfect cure for cabin fever, and a fabulous anytime gift for all of the wiseacres and know-it-alls in your life.

Bring the party, people! 

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What are you waiting for, Christmas?

Easy to learn. Hard to win.

It's simple to Wise Up! Players take a card, in turn, and ask the Question to the player to his/her left. If that player answers correctly, they keep the card. If not, the player to his/her left tries to answer it. Play continues clockwise.

There are 150 thought-provoking Questions, like: What is the circumference of a golf ball? Name a mammal that lays eggs. Where is the zygomatic arch? What are the eight Ivy League schools?

But wait a sec!

Wise Up! also has 50 devilish Challenges, such as: Throw this card on the floor and pick it up without using your hands. Or how about: Swap shirts with the player to your left. Anyone for a "Thumb War?" 

As with the Question cards, the Challenge cards are presented to the player to the card captain's left, who then tries to meet and/or complete the challenge. If successful, he/she keeps the card. If not, the player to his/her left gets a shot at it.

For a Group Challenge, the best player, as judged by the card captain (the player presenting the Challenge), gets the card. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Don't believe us.

Take it from Ivy Leaguer Mike Cataldo, Harvard, Class of 2004.


Perfectly-portable magic.

You can take Wise Up! anywhere you want to go: Istanbul, Mount Everest, Nana's house in Franklin, MA for Sunday supper, or even on your honeymoon at The Ritz in Paris–so don't leave home without it.

Seriously, put on your smarty party pants and bring it on!


One Up! is also terribly fun.

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And last but not least...

Wise Up! and One Up! are both one million words and hours of brilliant fun in your pocket or purse, but we also always carry The Official Old's Cool Education –which one of our cheeky customers described as “wondrous bits of snippetry in three colorful handbooks.”

The Official Old's Cool Education–get an Ivy League "schooling" for only $19.99!