Just finished prototyping and play-testing our latest and greatest – The Wicked/Smart Party Card Game – and have added it to the coolection. We've played it many times now to make sure the mechanics were right, the rules were understandable and unambiguous, and there was a healthy mix of fun, flippancy, smarts, and heartache. We knew we were on the right track when our teenage daughter played and didn't SMH or think it was "ratchet." For those of you who speak English, she basically didn't hate it, which for a teenager is almost unbelievable.

This is a grown-up card game that asks tons of trivia and thought-provoking questions that'll give everyone a lesson in humility, history, sports, science, literature and geography. And wit.

Here's a sample "hard" question for all you smart alecks out there: Everyone knows the First and Second Amendments – what's the Third?

But there are also a bunch of "challenge" cards that throw hilarious physical and mental wrenches into the works: Indian Arm Wrestling, A Staring Contest, and what about a round of Truth or Dare? Or double dare?

It's wicked easy to Wise Up! Players take a card, in turn, and ask the Question to the player to their left. If they answer correctly, or successfully complete the Challenge, they keep the card. If not, it's the next player to the left's turn. And so on. For a Group Challenge, the best player, as judged by the card captain, keeps the card. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Wise Up! is a terrific, original, smart-alecky adventure GUARANTEED to provoke and delight both outlaws and in-laws alike or your money back.

Only $24.99 – GAME ON!


Mickey: "How do people who aren't pretentious or actually know something useful win this game?"
Sonya: "A 7th grader knew our longitude and latitude..."
Jamie: "Fun and hard."

Dad: "Thanks for an awesome game."


Y'up, I'll Wise Up! now >