We made the decision early on with our The Official Old's Cool Education to have the answers posted on our website rather that printed in the books, since space was limited and we'd rather jam-pack those handy manuals with knowledge and interestingness rather than make it easy for all you smart-alecks out there to prove how clever you are. Or to cheat even. Ha. Most of the answers can be found on the internet anyway, and almost everybody has a smart phone handy. Some of the challenges are tricky, and a few questions are almost unanswerable, so we're providing you with our best guesses here.

How to Indian Arm Wrestle

Whenever there is a tie, i.e. both players call out the same word at the same time while playing One Up!, our house rule is to break the tie by Indian Arm Wrestling, instead of the default, and boring, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Players stand and face each other about two feet apart. Both players place their right foot in front of them about halfway, lined up with and touching the outside of the other player's right foot. Then both players reach out their right hands and grab the other player's elbow, forearms touching.

On the count of three, each player tries to get the other player push or pull the other so that he/she moves his/her right foot first.