Old's Cool UP-i-tee shirts. Rugbys and Polos too.

$ 24.99

"Old's Cool came just in time for my birthday. Love it!"

– Lyman Orton, Owner, The Vermont Country Store

Fits traditionalistas to a tee.

Our exclusive 100% cotton UP-i-tee shirts are not distressed, pre-shrunk, or faked to look like you've worn them forever, because you haven't. We believe you can't buy character. If you want your Old's Cool to look old school, you know what you have to do—wear it out into the world and make something of yourself.

Authentic American.

Damn fine American Apparel, proudly Made in the USA–designed and printed by hand at our studio in Newport, Rhode Island.

Worn (and loved) worldwide.

We can gift-wrap this and include a personal note–just let us know.

Limited time summer special: use coupon code "FREESHIPPING"

What are you waiting for, Christmas?


Peruse our Deluxe Old's Cool Polos:

Discover our Classic Rugby shirts:

*Continental U.S. only.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jo Cosbert
Old's Cool at Glasto!

Hi there,

My husband and I were in Newport on June 2 and we bought about 6 of your men's 'Old's Cool' tshirts for him and some friends.

My husband is wearing one right now in the backstage area at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK and Paul McCartney just took a photo of the tshirt!!

Everyone loves them here!

Jo Cosbert

Carl Jahn
Sigrid wants to do wit.

What's the verdict? Guilty!

Seriously, my daughter Sigrid loves it.

Richard Ruesch
Your guarantee is golden.


Your guarantee is golden.

This day, my son, Andrew, collected the USPS mail at the bottom of our mountainside road and delivered it. The t-shirt was included in today's delivery. Many thanks, it fits well. I might ask my wife to wear it as a nightgown!

Stay cool,




Stirling Collins
How's it hanging, Mr. Mustard?

Love the shirt. Super cool!!