"A masterpiece."

– Tim Leatherman, Creator, Co-Founder, and Owner, Leatherman Tool Group


The Official Old's Cool Education III is a wicked smart gift.

This priceless and timeless three-handbook set (Cookbook, Playbook, and Whirled Book) is our latest and seriousest attempt at a classic guide to the really important things in life, and is filled with dyed-in-the-wool basics, a lot of rock 'n' roll, and some fun philosophizing. Knowledge, wisdom, and wit that's practical and useful in the real-world are the best gifts ever.

Tailor made for the chefs, sports-lovers, and deep thinkers in your life. A terrific way to celebrate Dads and Grads. Any brainiac's birthday. Your favorite Valentine. A special Father's Day. Treat yourself.

What are you waiting for, Christmas?

THE HOLY TRINITY SPECIAL: Get all 3 sets (TOOCE I, II, & III) for only $39.99!

Jam-packed with Recipes, How to "Play the Game," and Mental Musings and Amusings.

The Cookbook'll inspire you to raid the pantry and Frankenstein some homemade créme de corps together; chicken fry a kangaroo; become the "Egyptian" at a restaurant. The Play Book has step-by-step guides and timeless advice on the best and suavest and surest way to "play the game." Cricket, darts, crew, and plenty of puzzles and trivia. Life is certainly scary sometimes, but wonderful and dangerous adventure's all around, kids, for the taking, as easy as kiss my hand. The Whirled Book features longer-form monographs discussing and dissecting the Plato's Cave-like reality we're living in.

Don't believe us.

Mike Lerario, author of Leadership in Balance, retired army special forces officer and West Point grad from Fayetteville, North Carolina had some great things to say about the First Edition of The Official Old's Cool Education I. The Second Edition also got rave reviews. The Third Edition, which is hot off the press, is our chef d'oeuvre  and contains our best and brightest ideas and writing, which will change your outlook on life–for the better of course!

We can't imagine a better gift than enlightenment and wisdom, in the palm of your hand. The Official Old's Cool Education III is boredom's annulment, and the perfect travel companion, in purse or pocket.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Wait! There's more...

The Official Old's Cool Education I is 100% quarantine-proof.

The Official Old's Cool Education I (each set includes a Handbook, Black Book, and Read Book) was the first fun foisting of the myriad, meandering, amusing treasures of our Miltonic mind onto a wary public, and delightfully, has already sold out two print editions.

Part diary, part how-to, this is a record of our own naive and quixotic adventure into discovering and uncovering the really important things in life, at least to us, here, now, but with a broadened universal view, a timelier and applicable perspective. We targeted all the other the smart alecks and know-it-alls out there, and filled the volumes with all the practical, old-school basics, hardcore history and hero worship, and the arts and sciences of living well we could think of. Wit, too, often.

Celebrate dads and grads. Any brainiac's birthday. Your fabulous Valentine's lover. A special hands-on mom. Treat your best friend: you.

What are you waiting for, Christmas?

Challenge yourself!

Are you as clever as an 11-year old? Let's see: What are the two main ingredients of steel? Who is the only U.S. President whose first language wasn't English? What was Sleeping Beauty's real name? We'll take you fishing with Einstein, climb Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramids together, and play a Latin word matching game. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi and all that, but we're sure our whispered words of wisdom will live on forever!

And, finally, The Official Old's Cool Education II is also a witty and literate winner.

The Official Old's Cool Education II (each set includes a Logbook, Field Book and Road Book) was inspired by our messing about in boats and skulls, humping over field and stream with gun in hand, hounds and hares at bay, and the corn-stubble cold and a beautiful blue sky flocked with sunshine. We've also show that driving slow cars fast is better than the other way around, especially classics without synchromesh transmissions, resurrected from some Craigslist car-yard dead, and highlighted by our grand-finale flourish/finish in the annual Old's Cool Tour–Rally Around The Ivy League.

Dubbed by some wag as "the smartest road race in the world"–it's an unorthodox but still mostly traditional 1,000 mile, 4-day dream weave around the eight Ivy League schools.

Tarpaulin, bears and soap show up. Tools and men and leathermen. Stars are pondered upon. Winter trees and walls are covered with Robert Frost's poetry. Even the America's Cup makes a cameo, in Harlem of all places.

THE HOLY TRINITY SPECIAL: Get all 3 sets (TOOCE I, II, & III) for only $39.99!

*Continental U.S. only.