FREE One Up! – The Wickedest Word Game in the World – Instant Download

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"One million words and hours of fun in your pocket."

– Rio Gladchun , Newport, RI

A wicked smart DIY project for all ages.

Instant download contains complete set of tiles, the official rules, step-by-step instruction sheet, as well as front and back labels. 

Easy instructions, show you how to:

1. Print out file.

2. Paste tile sheet to a piece of black construction paper. Carefully cut out each tile.

2. Cut out front and back labels and paste to a sardine tin, or Altoids container.*

3. Cut out and read the instruction sheet

4. Corral a couple of friends and have a cutthroat blast!

You might also like to leave your fun to us professionals:

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How to play.

One Up! takes a nimble mind, as everyone tries to be the first person to make a word from the tiles that are face-down in the center. Take turns flipping one tile over at a time: first an "A", then an "R" and then a "T". Shout it out, and don't be shy–"ART!" Keep turning over tiles one at a time, in turn, until another word of three or more letters can be made.

Where our hero, Johnny Mustard, takes you on a quick tour:

Stealing is the name of the game.

But wait a sec! The game has a cool, cutthroat twist: any player's words can be stolen by anyone else by simply adding a letter. If an "M" is turned over, and since you already have the word "ART", I can call out "MART" and take it from you. It's my word now, so pound sand. But anyone can snatch it back if an "S" is flipped over and they yell out "SMART." Damn! Everyone continues calling out new words as the letters are flipped over. And remember, all words are in play at all times. The player with the most words wins.

One Up! is wicked easy. And wicked hard.

No board. No complicated rules. No mercy–just wicked/smart cheap thrills for everyone: hand-to-hand combat that's guaranteed to quickly ruin any family lock-down or quarantine. Games only take about a half hour or so, and gets terrifically competitive real quick–you won't want to win as much as you'll want to steal everyone else's words. As well as crush their will to live.

What One Up! comes with:

• 101 custom letter tiles gang sheet.

• Including a wild "uppity" tile that can be used as any letter.

• Concise and easy-to-read how-to instruction sheet.

• The Official One Up! Rules

• One million words and worlds of fun in your pocket

Don't stay home without it.

You can take One Up! anywhere you want to go: beach, mountains, grandma's, or even The Ritz in Paris if you'd like. Better yet, One Up! is a totally-original, fast, and effective antidote to the cooped-up, Corona Virus blues. Seriously, why not try some intellectual distancing this time of year instead?

*"Sardine" can pictured is not included.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Say "Uncle"!

Awesome game, especially when it's free, and you can beat your older brother into submisson every time you play.

One suggestion is it's better to cut the tiles out with a craft knife and straight and not scissors since they have to be as uniform as possible.

Hilarious game.