I stopped in the local Army/Navy store recently to buy a web belt for a gift, and as I was paying I saw they had P-38s for sale at the register. I said I'd take the whole box, when an elderly gentleman standing next to me asked if he could have one. I said sure.

We got talking and come to find out he had done two tours in Vietnam, and a P-38 was basically the most valuable piece of equipment he had because it allowed him to eat while he was literally in the trenches. I asked him if he liked C-Rations (C-Rats for short), since I knew well from personal experience that they were risible. He smiled.

He said he loved them because they beat the hell out of getting trichinosis, or worse, starving to death.

I still carry one (aka a "John Wayne") with me always.

To all veterans near and far: thank you for your service.