We spent several years in Milan, Italy, working for RappCollins Worldwide, and we had several spettacolare clients, including The Italian Tourist Bureau. This billboard for Rome is part of a campaign we created to promote the romance and allure of this great country.


This is the wearable part of the pro bono work we did for The Clearwater Project based in Greenwich, CT. The brief was to create a soup-to-nuts brand that would inspire people to keep the Connecticut coastline as pristine as possible, especially the many scenic beaches and picturesque harbors, and to remind them that recycling is important everywhere. Recycling is also one of the best things we can do on a daily basis to help save our invaluable and unique life-sustaining oceans and planet.


Prototype inaugural issue of WRENCHING for Audrain Motorweek, based in Newport, RI. Again, Covid-19 has put plans on hold, but we're confident that we should go to press sometime in early 2021.


The Audrain Academy will be a two-year vocational training school, based on the STEAM curriculum, that will also include some history, Shakespeare, ethics and art. And hopefully a sense of humor.


This was a PSA-style ad campaign we created for our One Up! – The Wicked/Smart Word Game collaboration with JetBlue. The idea was to enlighten and amuse with interesting bits and poetic snippets, in subways and on billboards, while very subtly selling the concept that "Wit is Educated Insolence." 



I have very few notable accomplishments in my life (worth discussing in polite company, anyway), but one of them is the naming of a major worldwide brand, besides "Old's Cool", of course. In 1986 I was hired by Ted Bates Advertising to help rebrand the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong, which had a sister hotel in Bangkok named The Oriental. They were both world-class at the time, and there were many copycat hotels that piggybacked on their famous reputations. We came up with the idea of naming our hotels Mandarin-Oriental. The tag line that I wrote was: "Mandarin-Oriental. We've changed our name so everyone will know who we aren't." We also introduced the now-famous fan logo.


While at Ted Bates (which was part of BBDO Worldwide) I worked on many blue-chip client accounts, including HSBC, Clinique, and San Miguel Beer. I was also the lead copywriter on the DeBeers account, one of my all-time favorite clients. This may be the best ad I ever wrote.

This back-to-basics black-and-white campaign we created for Clinique ran throughout the world for many years.


This is a Japanese language double-truck ad that appeared in major magazines for the launch of "Wave" cigarettes – smooth & tasty!

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