The Culture Carton – "The Best Subscription Box for Men" – featured One Up! this month, and had nothing but good things to say about it:
"Style meets sophistication... meets brilliance."
Um, we added the last part, and they put a bow on it.


We couldn't have said it better ourselves: Game on. Way on.

One Up! has been a big hit at both Real Simple and RedBook magazine. Thanks so much, Ashley!



Don't come play word games at my house unless you like... losing.

"Don’t come play word games at my house unless you take them very seriously, and really, really like red wine. And losing.



I’m a sucker for Scrabble, but Oneupmanship‘s new game 'One Up!' is a fresh, fun spin that had my hubby and I laughing and stealing each other’s words. There’s no game board, so it’s super portable and great for any occasion from connecting with fam at the end of a manic Monday, to sitting outside and playing it under the stars on vacation.

We love One Up! So much fun."

- Mandy, @politeasfudge


"Turns your whole family into greedy, self-serving punks.”

Curtis Silver over at wrote this spot-on, "no autopsy, no foul" review. We're always happy to help, Captain



If you'd like to see the rest of Curtis's hilarious synopsis, click here.


"I got the game. IMPRESSIVE."


"Don't like ONEUPMANSHIP? Go pound sand."

Patricia continues: 

"We really got into it. My husband (a CPA and head of purchasing for the town of Ridgefield) drew a nasty money card that made us all move to the left and play each other's hand. I inherited his awful hand with zero stock and hardly any money, then he promptly forgot who was who and moved my piece on his turn. I didn't discover it until my turn. My daughter made him go back and undo everything he did on that turn (he bought stock and all kinds of things). It was pretty funny. And that is one of the game's charms, it brings out 'fun' things in people.

We drew cards for the Thumb Wrestling and Liar's Poker. (My daughter won both of those, the little brat.) My husband drew the card for the staring contest, and challenged my daughter. She decided to puff in his face. That made him blink, so I declared her the winner. He then went on to rant how it was a STARING contest so blinking didn't count. Yeah... #SoreLoserman

Initially, we spent a lot of time calculating the cost of stock shares, until my daughter whipped out her phone and we used that to crunch the numbers so as not to slow down the momentum of the game.

 I did not read your website beforehand. I wanted to experience the game on my own using only your instructions as a guide to see how they worked. 

That said, you have a great game here. The twists, turns, and surprises make this game HILARIOUS. We all loved ONEUPMANSHIP and look forward to playing it again with others! Wish you MUCH success."

ONEUPMANSHIP is the best gift ever for holidays, birthdays, vacations and family gatherings – guaranteed to upset absolutely everyone. 

The worst twenty-nine ninety-nine you'll ever spend.


On a final note, building a company is really hard.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were interviewed together a few years back, and when Steve asked what his greatest achievement was, we all expected him to say the iPhone, or the iMac. But instead he said something rather interesting and although not shocking, something thought-provoking because most people don't even think of it, or take it for granted, or don't know how incredibly difficult it is. He said building a world-class company is really, really hard, and Apple, the company, his company, was his shining legacy.
Well said, sir, and we couldn't agree more.