Dear Brainiacs and Know-it-alls,,

We had so much fun with our last contest that we decided to run another one. Coincidentally we just got an email from our brainy buddy, Richard Ruesch, and he asked us what was the longest one-syllable word in the English language?

Turns out it's scraunch, a verb which means to make a noise "typical of an engine lacking lubricants" – crump, scrunch, thud.

My bones have been making that sound for years now, I just never knew the word for it. Ha. Here's the challenge – send in your most unusual word, and the reason(s) it's unique.

Our word is facetiously – the only word in English that has all of the vowels in a row.

Winner will get the wickedest word game in the world, One Up!, shipped to their door. It's a devilish way to ruin any holiday or family get-together...

If you can't wait to ruin lives, and help others to do the same you can buy One Up! – The Wicked/Smart Word Game Now. 

Actually we've got a Wicked, Wicked Special (Twofer for $29.99 ) going on right now.

Seriously, share the link with friends and family–the more who enter the merrier, and the better your chances of winning.

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