One Up! is the unfair, frustrating, and fantastic cure for boredom.

No board. No complicated rules. No mercy. Ha! Just wicked/smart cheap thrills for everyone: mind-to-hand combat that's guaranteed to completely ruin any family get together or summer vacation. Instructions can be explained in one minute, and games only take about a half hour or so, but get terrifically competitive real quick. You won't want to win as much as you'll want to show everyone who the smartest person in the room is... with impunity!

How to One Up!

One Up! takes a nimble mind, as everyone tries to be the first player to make a word from the tiles that are turned over, one at a time, from the center: first an "A", then an "R" and then a "T". Shout it out, and don't be shy: "ART!" That's now your word. Continue flipping tiles over, in turn, until another 3-letter word can be made. "A", "B", "T"– BAT. Call it out!

Stealing is the name of the game.

But wait a sec! The game has a cool, cutthroat twist: any player's words can be stolen by anyone else by simply adding a letter. If an "M" is turned over, and since you already have the word "ART", I can call out "MART" and take it from you. It's my word now, so pound sand. But anyone can snatch it back if an "S" is flipped over and they yell out "SMART" first. Damn! Play continues, and everyone calls out new words as more letters are flipped over, and stealing and cursing continues too.

Just remember, all words are in play at all time. The player with the most words at the end wins.

What One Up! comes with:

• 101 custom-made real-wood letter tiles

• A wild "uppity" tile that can be used as any letter

• Concise and easy-to-read instruction sheet

• Classy and perfectly-portable metal travel tin

Don't stay home without it.

One Up! is a totally-original, fast, and effective antidote to video-game crack, or sitting at home playing the same old, same old boring "classics." Better yet, take it anywhere you want to go: beach, mountains, grandma's, or even The Ritz in Paris and class that joint up a bit. Seriously, why not try some intellectual distancing this summer instead? 

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*Jo Ellison, The Financial Times