Wise Up! – The Wicked/Smart Party Card Game – is the follow-up to our fan-favorite word game One Up! We've designed it with the same (un)healthy mix of fun, flippancy, smarts, and heartache – it's the perfect cure for cabin fever.

This is a grown-up card game that asks tons of thought-provoking questions that'll give everyone a lesson in humility, history, sports, science, literature and geography. And wit.

Here's a few sample questions for all you smart alecks out there: Everyone knows the First and Second Amendments – what's the Third? Or how about: What is Sleeping Beauty's real name? And this corker: What's the best-selling book (fiction) of all time?

But there are also a bunch of "challenge" cards that throw hilarious physical and mental wrenches into the works: Indian Arm Wrestling, A Staring Contest, and what about a round of Truth or Dare? Or double dare?

The player with the most cards at the end wins.

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It's like Scrabble and Bananagrams but way faster and funner.

One Up! takes a nimble mind, as everyone tries to be the first person to make a word from the tiles that are turned over in the center: first an "A", then an "R" and then a "T". Shout it out, and don't be shy: "ART!" Wait a sec – the game has a cool, cutthroat twist: any player's words can be stolen by anyone else by simply adding a letter. If an "M" is turned over, and since you already have the word "ART", I can call out "MART" and take it from you. It's my word now, so pound sand!

But you can snatch it back if an "S" is flipped over and you yell out "SMART." Damn. Just remember that all words are in play at all times, so you better be able to think fast on your feet. Show zero mental mercy – steal away!

No board. No complicated rules. No monkeying around – just wicked/smart cheap thrills for the holidays – guaranteed to ruin any family gathering.

The player with the most words at the end wins.

Only $19.99


"Show us a good loser and we'll show you a real loser."

The mechanics of Oneupmanship are simple: each player starts out with $5,000, and the first one to reach $100,000 by either investing in the stock market, buying real estate, purchasing "trophies" or betting against the other players wins.

But wait! We added another dimension that takes the game off the board and into the realm of a meta-game: "$ Cards" are personal, physical and mental challenges that are really about proving what you are made of as a human animal. And they're meant to hurt.

Seriously, we hope you have as much fun playing Oneupmanship as we did making it – guaranteed to turn your whole family and all your friends into "greedy, self-serving punks."

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