What's "Old's Cool" mean to you?
Old's Cool — (adj) used approvingly to suggest the way things were is sometimes better than the way things are.
Caitlin: OMG, Dad, when did you get those old's cool Bean boots? Mine've been on back order since, like, last September.
Dad: '83.

We're having another contest – we'd like to know what old's cool means to you. An Occam's Razor shave? Cream whipped up with a whisk? How can you not love a man who stands up and looks you in the eye when he shakes your hand? A sincere "sorry". White gloves in church. Jacksonian principles. Hitchhiking.

Send us a story. A picture. An anecdote. Money. Just kidding – answer we like the best wins an Old's Cool Tee in classic black.
Click here to enter: johnnymustard@oldscoolcompany.com

Looking forward to whuchew got to say, Traditionistas.
June 17, 2017 — Johnny Mustard