Pick up dinner tonight.
What about starting with clams and cockles? Go down to your nearby seaside town hall (in our case Newport), and get a license. Buy a clamming rake or a cheap garden hand rake, which is what we use. Check the tide charts. When low, go out on the flats and dig. After your basket's full, sit on the beach with a beer and a smirk and shuck the oysters immediately. Spritz with fresh lemon. Wonder what the poor people are doing.

Bring the clams home and today anyway, escargots. Steam. Serve on a salad made with  garlic and wild onions– we have a few patches that make our lawn smell like Italy whenever it's mowed. Another member of the allium family is tricoccum, or wild ramps, a leek-like leaf that grows right on the edge of the woods at the far end of our property. Toss everything rambunctiously together. Y'up.

April 28, 2017 — Johnny Mustard