Just another #manupmonday

 Whuddayoo going to do this #manupmonday worth writing home about?

Yeah, we know we're a couple days late and a few dollars short, but how about an original and charming young adult book series full of magic and laughs, but with mystical depths and skinned-knees adventure, about 4 kids battling the forces of evil in Whitegloveville, Connecticut of all places?

Nah... already been done, by #oldscool hero Ed Parker, Yale via Clemson architect extraordinaire, and modern-day renaissance man. 



Holy, Toledo!

Went to a snowmobile race up at Mt. Southington recently, and met with some cousins and friends for a sunny day on the slopes. It's like motocross except up and down the hill, with "sleds" instead of bikes, and the white stuff instead of dirt, but the same loud, crowd-pleasing oh-no moments and thrills. 

Had a long chat with Chief Petty Officer Greg Deaveau in between races, and wanted to reprint the sound and hilarious advice he gives to his men about to go on shore leave:

Have a good weekend.
Don't add to the population, and don't subtract from the population.
Stay out of newspapers, hospitals, and prisons.
If you do wind up in prison, establish dominance quickly.
Be safe!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.


Killing again.

Birds of a feather... If you've ever watched an English Setter or a beautiful chocolate brown Boykin flush a pheasant out of the satin grass, or from amber cornfield stubble on an icy morning, you would almost have to believe in God - if you don't already. The fact and biology of man as a predator goes back hundreds of millions of years – the instinct, hard-wired into our brains, is older than, than trees for cripes sake – why try to deny it?

Plumage, texture, color, and nobility of form and function – an Oudry still-life in real life.


Come clean.

Old's Cool homemade soap - lard, lye, love. That's it.
Um, almost. We splished a little coconut oil in for added lather.

Seriously, when was the last time you made something, anything, from scratch with your own bare hands? And don't laugh off the question by quoting Carl Sagan's wonderful cosmic chestnut: "To make something from scratch you have to first invent the universe."

Well, what are you waiting for?

Hat tip to Katie @wellnessmama


Promises postponed, not unkept.

You're probably wondering where the second part of the Bangkok article is. Well, it's safe in the the ole noggin' – you'll enjoy it next week, for sure.

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March 30, 2018 — Johnny Mustard