There are no cowboys in our movie.

Indian Summer – A History of the Original American Motorcycle was a big hit for us when we filmed it 20 years ago (in actual film!). We brought it back from the dead late last year, and the digitally-remastered DVD completely sold out over the holidays, to our utter surprise and delight.

This feature-length seat-of-the-pants adventure into the heart of the American Dream makes the perfect gift for the man who loves the wind in his hair and hates everything else; who's already won the game; who thinks he's seen it all.

And for a limited time we've got a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE offer going on, so hurry'up!

It was such a blast making this film – we learned something new every day, put out a product with guts and class, and made a bunch of money in the bargain – isn't that what success is all about? We also met a whole host of old-timers and aficionados that even Central Casting couldn't make up – this classic clip (and quip) of Irenee duPont riding a 1953 Chief in the house, with his wife Barb riding nonplussed on the back is just a taste of the treasures within.

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God bless America!

We think that Oneupmanship is the most fun you can have – with your pants on. 

Guaranteed to turn you and all of your friend into "greedy, self-serving punks" if you all aren't already. Only $29.99 – don't stay home without it. 

Classics are classics for good reason. 

Old’s cool movies is a relative term, of course, but we’re going to go back to our childhood first, and then cast a glance backward from there to some classic classics. And we're going to try to bring things up to if not to date, at least not too far into the past. The movies will be roughly by decade.

 We’ve watched most of these films recently, just to make sure they stand the test of time, and they do. If you haven’t seen some or most of these movies you are not educated. Period.

 1950s – The Thin Man; The Big Sleep; Casablanca; To Catch a Thief; Roman Holiday; It Happened One Night; A Night to Remember; The Quiet Man; High Noon; The River

1960s – Mary Poppins; Cinderella; The Sound of Music; My Fair Lady; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Easy Rider

1970s – Jaws; Star Wars; Animal House; Grease; Diner; Breaker Morant; Pumping Iron; The Godfather; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

 1980s to Present – Grosse Pointe Blank; Igby goes down; Iron Man; Pirates of the Caribbean; Good Will Hunting; Pride and Prejudice; Bottle Rocket