How to live with a certain je ne sais quoi.

THE OFFICIAL MAN UP MANUAL is our attempt at a know-it-all guide to the really important things in life, and is filled with practical, old-school basics, hero worship, courage, integrity, and the art (and science) of living well. We've also curated a collection of the objects of desire we (Pluralis Modestiae, not Majestatis) have found throughout our travels and around the web that'll help you live a life worthy of your own admiration.

Old's Cool = Old School + Wit

old's cool — (adj) used approvingly to suggest the way things were is sometimes better than the way things are.

Caitlin: OMG, Dad, when did you get those old's cool Bean boots? Mine've been on back order since, like, last September.

Dad: '83.

Tag(line) you're it.

Thanks to everyone who entered The Old's Cool Contest and congrats to Baby Cakes for winning. Our next contest requires a bit more than just trolling the amygdala for a happy memory and throwing the catch into the boat. Nope, this one's going to take some finesse and mental gymnastics – the name of our company is 'Old's Cool' and we're looking for a catchy tagline. We've come up with "Backward and Upward." Can you think of something more clever? Give us your best brainy shot by clicking the link below, or just pop by the studio at 13 Wilson Road, Weston, Connetiquette 06883 and give it to us in person. Winner will receive a bundle of our best efforts, gift-wrapped.

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"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles."

Old's Cool = Old School + Wit™